Door to the Cosmos.

The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme. Courtesy of NASA, retrieved from:

Afro-jazz-experimental-extraterrestrial musical group Sun Ra proclaimed Space is the Place in their 1970’s cult classic film. Although we might be able to elevate our minds to a cosmic state of being, it is unlikely we will get a real journey to outer space. Thanks to the geniuses at NASA, we can travel through deep space through hundreds of thousands of images, video, and audio collected over the history of space exploration. NASA Images  was created by NASA and the Internet Archive to display an in-depth digital archive with the mission of education and encouragement of interest in space exploration, aeronautics, and astronomy. Hosted by  the digital asset management system LUNA, which specializes in massive repositories and allows for some clever searching bells and whistles. Exporting images at various resolutions, creating presentations, advanced search and browse-ablity of categories based on object, expedition, and era make NASA Images’ mission successful.

The international space age obsession might have ended, but looking at heavenly images galaxies, planets, and stars it is easy to slip back under the intergalactic spell. With the recent astrological eclipses, radiant moons, and today’s transit of Venus across the Sun,the cosmos could be pulling some attention seeking stunts. Let’s give them what they are asking for.

Triple eclipse [Jupiter]. Courtesy of NASA, retrieved from:

A Picturesque Venus Transit [Sun]. Courtesy of NASA, retrieved from:

Giant Twisters and Star Wisps in the Lagoon Nebula. Courtesy of NASA, retrieved from:

Happy Face Crater Mars. Courtesy of NASA, retrieved from:


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